The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place

Open Life renames the Finn Hall, The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place by Open Life is the new name for the 104-year-old Finn Hall. Open Life is awaiting drawings and permits to complete the reenvisioned space where people will come together.

The creation of a 20 x 25 lobby
Bathrooms double in size and are accessed from inside the lobby
The main Hall renovated
Hallway connecting front of building to the back of the building where there are two gender-neutral bathrooms and one large or two multifunctional rooms.
Frame in a second story where there will in the future be a meeting room and two offices as well as a balcony.
Finish the basement and Studio with their entry points being in a stairwell next to the hallway (where the current office is)
Paint the exterior
Add a veranda entry
Fence the Garden to the East and Courtyard to the Southside

This building will serve so many community events over the years to come.


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