This happened!

This happened!

Open Life goes Sovereign…

What does that word even mean? Well, in the context of a church it means you now hold the authority.  Open Life began in 2010 with three dozen people.  We launched as a Network Affiliated church with the Northwest Ministry Network.  As a new church it is wise to have accountability and authority beyond the lead pastor and board, wise counsel if you would.  Going sovereign is just how a church cuts the umbilical chord and begins to lead themselves!

So, last Saturday August 15th we called a members only BBQ event.  We needed 20 or more of those who qualify for membership at Open Life to show up and sign off on our bylaws, our ministry and our desire to become a sovereign church connected to the Assemblies of God Fellowship still, but really we self govern more than before.

Why we finally made this step was really the fact that we had a natural moment to call our members together for a celebration of what God is doing.  We have had a huge growth shift since April 2015.  Our Summer has witnessed over 30% growth and so many guests who have been invited have not been in and active relationship with Jesus in their lives.  This is what we live for!  Growth means leading and staying ahead of the opportunities growth offers. To fully do this we needed to be able to make decisions on our own without having to wait for a Network Leadership Team to sign off on a decision we were looking to make.

This is where it gets exciting…we are making some decisions that are going to increase our ability to fulfill the unique grace and mission of Open Life in our community, region, state and world.  We shared some of this news with our members and will be sharing it with everyone this Sunday, August 23rd.  Things are about to get really really fun!

See you Sunday!

PS. Want to become a member to be in on moments like this in the future? Membership at Open Life is simple.  Choose to follow Jesus, attend services and volunteer on a serve team, and finally support the church financially.   We say here at Open Life that membership is based on participation not proclamation.  While everyone belongs the moment we meet them there are times for family business and we identify family by simply seeing whose actions express that they are on the mission of people leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.  Join us for our next Open Life 101 for more clarity on membership.


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