Weather Alerts

Weather Alerts

What to expect at Open Life with bad weather forecasts?

If there is no snow on the road, Open Life will meet as scheduled this Sunday at 10am in Bonney Lake.  Here are a few things that are good to know as we approach a potential bad weather Sunday.

Each Sunday we have to pull a trailer to Bonney Lake High School and then push large cases across a long walkway. When snow has accumulated on the ground (not just the grass) it makes it very unsafe and difficult to get things set up on Sunday mornings. We love gathering together and will if it’s possible and safe, but we also value you making the most of the opportunities to neighbor well. So if we have to cancel service because of the snow, use the time to get outside, meet your neighbors, and have fun in the snow.


It might not be our call, but we will make it early.

The Sumner School District does not let us rent their facilities when the power is out or if the roads are dangerous for the janitors to drive and unlock the facilities.  When snow is the issue, we will make the call by 6am if we will be canceling the service. Again we make this decision based on the condition of the roads, not white lawns.

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Chances are you are following us on the app or social media to even be reading this post, but if you have yet to do so; download the Open Life Church App and allow notifications (see video below), follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  You will see us post on all these locations as we grow closer to Sunday morning to keep you informed of anything that develops.



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