Weather Impacts Outdoor Service

Weather Impacts Outdoor Service

Change of Plans for this Saturday

THIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 we will host drive-through prayer at Rainier Hills Christian Fellowship. 

Open Life wants to make an impact in your life and within the lives of those who need peace in our community.

This Saturday we were planning to do an outdoor service at Rainier Hills Christian Fellowship, but due to the warnings of unhealthy smoke levels outdoors today through the weekend, Open Life will redirect our service on Saturday Morning to offer drive-through prayer at Rainier Hills instead.  It would not be healthy or wise to sit outside for an hour in the smoke that is predicted.

So we want to allow you to set your air conditioning in the car to recycle and show up in a safe environment for some encouragement through prayer as you drive through the Church Parking Lot and we will pray for you personally.

We have spoken to many of our community leaders desiring to serve those most impacted by the fires, evacuations, and anxieties they have driven up within our community. While there have not been huge requests for tangible needs, everyone is on edge and in need of the hope, peace and comfort that can be found in faith and through prayer.

We are hoping to serve you and those who show up from the community with an opportunity to be prayed over as we face the overwhelming circumstances of life together. Invite someone to join you and pray together with them or offer it as an opportunity for anyone in our community who needs prayer. We are present with our community and look forward to praying for you Saturday morning anytime from 9am to 11am.

Open Life Online 

Due to the last-minute change of service plans, we will make the full service available on the Open Life Church and YouTube available on-demand beginning Saturday at 11 am. If you want to experience the service at 10 am on Sunday we will be hosting our regularly Facebook Live on the Open Life Facebook Page.


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