Website Updates

Website Updates

New Look For The Website

Have you noticed some changes to the website? Research has shown a few ways we could improve the hospitality of the website and the changes will impact how you find what you’re looking for.

Home Page Is For Guests

One of the main insights we have discovered is that we need to simplify and clarify our message on the screen when someone new first opens the website. Some call it the “grunt test” that a guest should be able to open the website and within 5 seconds know what we do and what their call to action is.  This means we needed to reduce the noise on our home page above the scroll. We have removed all links for insiders from the prime real-estate of the top right of the website so a guest knows exactly what their call to action is if they just landed on the site from a google search for Churches in Bonney Lake or Churches in Sumner.  Their call to action is to plan a visit to one of our campuses and from this page, they can link to the campus that is closest to them, watch the welcome video and plan a date to join us in a service.  They can add the date to their calendar and be ready to join in on the next service that works for them.

Guests don’t need a “DONATE” link on the top right of the website, nor do they need a “NEXT STEPS” button that contains information for those who had already been to a service.  Let’s be hospitable and not make someone sit down and eat before we have welcomed them into our house.  Their next step is to experience Open Life and meet the amazing people, you! Then they will take the next approach at uncovering all there is to experience through the ministry of Open Life.  They will preferably do this through the Open Life Church App, but if not there, they can go to the next steps page.

Next Steps

We released this in April of 2017 and many are still learning the use of “NEXT STEPS”. is where you will find any call to action from Sunday.  Think of this as the home page for regulars or members. Once you are on the website, within any page other than a guest page, you will see that your upper right-hand calls to action are “NEXT STEPS” or “GIVE”. From within either of these locations, you can find what is next for you to grow in your relationship with Jesus.  But to make it easy there are two additional ways to find what you are looking for.

  1. We kept all of the links that used to be on top of the website in the prime real-estate and relocated them to the base.  Just give it a quick scroll and you will find the link you need. This will allow us to keep the top of the website simple and clear for guests on the home page or for you on whatever page you find yourself beyond that.
  2. We have a search feature. Read the next section to help you understand how this works.


See the icon that looks like a magnifying glass on your computer screen on the top right. Simply click that and type in what you are looking for and boom, it shows up and the menu on the top right changes to the member menu too.  On your mobile phone, you click the menu icon in the upper right and the top option is “Search” where you can type what you are looking for.

So if you are wanting to read about a strategic partner we spoke about on Sunday and forgot how to get to the next steps page to click the link go and type in Big Give, Rescue Freedom, Speed The Light and watch the magic happen.  If you want to make a donation, type “give” and voilà it will magically take you to the link you need.

Hope This Helps Your Guests

We hope this helps a bit not only for those you are inviting to church to plan a day when they will be able to join you for a service, but to help you navigate the website with these new changes.  Sometimes being uncomplicated for a guest becomes complicated for those of us who call Open Life home.   We get this and wanted to write this post to help you get why we have made these adjustments.

In the Huff Home, we have a shoe rack when people enter the front door.  It is meant to keep the shoes nice and tidy and give everyone a clear hint that we value having shoes removed. Often before people come over we have our children remove their shoes so there is space for the guests coming over to place their shoes on the rack. It takes a bit of extra work, but the hospitality is worth it.

Hebrews 13:2 (NLT)
2 Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!



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