Weekend Ministries Canceled Due to Storm

Weekend Ministries Canceled Due to Storm

Winter Storm Cancelation

Due to the winter storm forecasted to hit our region starting Friday afternoon through Saturday, the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District has made the decision to cancel all weekend activities and reservations at its facilities. This means that we have a few extra days notice to let you know that our normal Open Life Service on Sunday, February 10th, is canceled. In addition, the start of Re|Engage, Open Life’s marriage ministry scheduled to start Sunday afternoon, will also be postponed until February 17th.


We are really excited to start a new series on prayer, called Never Give Up, and we’re still going to start that series this week. Watch the video below as we share a short intro to this series that will launch us into our Open Life services on February 17th, and the 24th.



With no Open Life service this weekend, you have the opportunity to intentionally reinvest the time you would normally be at Open Life into other worthwhile pursuits. Maybe you still haven’t taken the time to find a new Bible reading plan on the Bible app, now you have time to do that. Maybe you still haven’t gone out to play in the snow with your kids, because you had to work during the work week, now you have time to do that. Maybe you’ve been putting off getting organized at home and you feel like you can’t catch up, take the 2 hours you’d be at Open Life (or maybe 4 if you’re a volunteer) and be intentional with them. Maybe you need to take some God-ordained time to rest, be intentional with that time, and rest.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, be intentional about it. Ask God to reveal himself to you as you do whatever it is you (and your family) decide to do on Sunday.


Prayer can’t be canceled, so if you have needs that the staff and prayer team at Open Life can pray about, then make sure you let us know by going to bit.ly/olprayer. You can also help people learn more about prayer during the course of Never Give Up by taking 2 minutes to fill out a prayer survey at http://bit.ly/olprayersurvey. We’ll use the results to help us better understand how we pray.

Hope you take delight in this snowy weekend!



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