Welcome To Open Life

Welcome to Open Life

We put together this page so you could find some important things that will help you experience true life and peace of mind through a growing relationship with Jesus. As well, the links below will help you get connected here at Open Life.  Follow the links and most importantly opt-in to the email if you have yet to do so in order to receive our weekly news about what is coming next at Open Life.

Most of all, we are excited to get to know you in the coming weeks.  The Bible teaches that the church is a family and although we sound like a mob boss saying it, we want to say welcome to the family!

Thad Huff | Lead Pastor | Open Life

Every week following the talk we point towards next steps. From a link to something we mentioned to the next event we think you would love, this is the link for all your next steps.


We have and continue to work hard to keep our app the most up to date tool to have in the palm of your hand.  From following along with the talks and notes, to registering for upcoming events that may inspire and grow your relationship with Jesus.  Download it today and begin your Open Life App experience.


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