Women’s One Day Event

Women’s One Day Event

Planted: Women’s One Day Event with Shannan Martin

March 9th from 10am – 4pm just $35*

The women of Open Life are going to head to a one day event for women in Kirkland on March 9th. We are excited for this multi-church event hosted by Reach Church because of how closely it aligns to our culture within the community. You will find on the registration page the opportunity to express your interest in lodging the night before. This will be an additional chance to connect with each other.


Women are invited to learn how to be PLANTED in the Word by living out the mission of Christ in our own neighborhoods and the ordinary places we find ourselves in. Shannan and Reach panelists will touch on topics like:

  • Surrendering our Dreams for God’s Unique Mission
  • Trading Comfort and Security for the Truly Abundant Life
  • Living on Mission with A Young Family
  • Building Homes of Radical Hospitality
  • The Ministry of Paying Attention
  • Adoption and Living a Broad Definition of Family
  • Engaging People at the Margins with Authentic Love


“When Shannan Martin and her family moved from their cozy farmhouse to an ordinary, lower-income neighborhood in the city, they weren’t prepared for the ways their neighbors would reshape their view of almost everything.

In a world that feels increasingly complicated, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to live a life of intention and meaning. It is only as we learn to pay attention to our small corner and commit to showing up for the long haul, drawing a wider circle around who we call “family,” that we will find our very lives.

Shannan’s books, Falling Free and The Ministry of Ordinary Places, are transparent, heart-tugging glimpses at what it looks like to link arms with the people nearby and work together for the good of the community. The details will look quiet and ordinary, and the call will both exhaust and exhilarate us. But it will be the most worth-it adventure we will ever take.”


*transportation and lodging not included
**Quoted content from Shannan’s MudLove campaign


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