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Open Life Bonney Lake

Bonney Lake High School | 10:00 am
10920 199th Ave. Ct. Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Open Life Sumner

Sumner Middle School | 10:00 am
1508 Willow St. Sumner, WA 98390

Open Life Church will help you experience more in life through a growing relationship with Jesus.
You will feel welcome here, plan your visit today.



what people are saying

  • "I had fallen away from God, and I felt so disconnected from the world and lost because I had grown up in a home where we believed in God and went to a Catholic church every Sunday. Open Life was the first church I had went to that made me feel at home, and like I could be myself without judgment. The pastors are amazing and love people and getting to know each individual. Come as you are!"
    LindseyGoogle Review
  • "After visiting Open Life Church the first time, we came back again because we liked the worship service, liked the message by Pastor Thad, felt welcomed, and, most importantly, felt a presence of The Holy Spirit in a way that I personally have not felt in a long time. I couldn't quit crying, although I tried to because I didn't want to look like the crazy lady."
    Jan CrawfordInvited Guests of Open Life Members
  • "I think I was refreshed by the change in preaching style from what I've been accustomed to in the past...My son said matter-of-factly that he would consider going here again."
    sharonOpen Life Guest Survey
  • "I have been looking for a church for my husband, daughter and me to join since we moved to Bonney Lake 2 years ago. I needed a church that was bible based but also was open to everyone, that teaches about the bible in a way we can relate to it through our lives today. The moment we walked through the door at Open Life we felt welcome. Our daughter loves the children's program where she learns weekly and gets to play and meet new friends. The adult service is truly amazing. The music is uplifting and fills our souls. Then the pastor talks and with every week we are taught lessons, lessons we can take with us for the following week.  In less than 2 months we have found a home for our family. "
    Melynda Google Review
  • “I've grown up in churches and thought that most were about the same until I found Open Life. Their philosophy made me challenge what I thought churches were supposed to be about.”
    Elizabeth KrausBonney Lake Chamber Referral

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you will love experiencing Open Life
wait no longer, join Open Life in Bonney Lake or Sumner.


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You can experience more from life by connecting with God and others.  Relationships are at the center of everything in life, and a key to the DNA of Open Life.


Add fulfillment to your life by bringing into focus opportunities to serve others above yourself.  Open Life will guide you to experience Jesus by serving God and others.


You have something to share with God and others.  Your life has meaning and purpose.  Open Life will guide you into discovering your unique purpose and how you can bless the community around you through that gift.

Helping Where It Hurts Locally And Globally.



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Grow Your Faith

Your faith can grow through a simple tool in your hand! The Open Life Church app will allow you to put tools in your pocket that can grow your faith while you are on the go. Cell phones are used for everything from paying for dinner to reading the Bible.  Now a Church in Bonney Lake, Sumner, Wilkeson or Orting can serve you at your home, work and commute.



Be The First To Know

You deserve the most up-to-date information. The app is the first thing updated.  If you need to know it, you can find out first when push notifications through the app show up on your device.  You can still find things on this website, but the app is always the first priority for updates.



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You can download it from IOS, Android, Windows or Amazon (not Blackberry because we have all moved on, seriously let it go. Well, actually you can access the Google Play Store and download it onto your Blackberry that way, you are not forgotten).


Loving every generation

kids leading kids & students leading students
into a growing relationship with Jesus



the cultures Open Life is known for

There are many churches in Bonney Lake, Sumner, and the surrounding region…so what set’s Open Life apart? The focus and culture.

We Help People Experience Jesus

The drive behind everything we do is helping people experience Jesus; his love, forgiveness and hope. We help people experience Jesus through our lives.
How are you helping people experience Jesus?


We're Present With Our Community

We do life shoulder to shoulder with those around us. We show up when opportunities arise, and live visibly active along side our community. You can’t lead those you don’t know, love and serve.
How are you active within the culture around you?

We're Uncomplicated

We keep things simple so people have space to do life with those around them and remain present with their community.
Do you have margin in your life?


We're Generous

Considering the needs of others above ourselves is key in experiencing a life that is truly worth living. Going above expectations in meeting the needs of others is a risk we are quick to pursue.
Are you unselfishly giving your time and resources?

We're Genuine

We don’t pretend, ignoring the realities of life. We walk through life with each other embracing both the mess and the good life brings.
Is your life free from facade?


We Have Fun

We intentionally and intuitively create a culture of fun in order to love life to the full.
Are you having fun?

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volunteer hours by Open Life

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People served with Big Give Meals

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Meet your team

Open Life has the vision to be the best church for the community.  What began in Bonney Lake, WA in 2010 is being proactively reproduced for surrounding communities.   You are the church, people who lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.  We want to raise up amazing people, leaders, and pastors with a calling and passion for serving the communities surrounding Bonney Lake, WA and beyond.



There is always a next step

If you are ready to grow, find out what’s next.


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Everyone has a story

Every story counts.