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Bonney Lake High School's Performing Arts Center 

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Do you think the word neighbor is a noun? What if it could be both a noun and a verb? What if Jesus was actually challenging us to be a neighbor and to neighbor well? Neighboring is about allowing God to inspire and release us to love our neighbors: the people next door and across the street. People who we should be able to pray for by name and need. If we could be a sent people to our neighbors, to neighbor well, what kind of impact might that have on our community? Join us during this new series at Open Life.

Who We Are

We are a diverse community made up of all kinds of cultures, races and socio-economic backgrounds. But we are united in what counts, the mission of Jesus. People leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus. 

What We Do

We connect with God and each other, serve God and each other and share our lives with God and each other.  We do this through a weekly gathering, classes and groups that help us grow deeper in our faith and events that benefit our community. 

What makes us Different

We rent a school facility to worship in and we are remodeling a 100+ year old building we do everything else in. We are driven to be a benefit to the community around us and make a generous impact in the world by helping where it hurts both locally and globally. 

what to exPect

Get to know more about what makes us different.

You can expect some very friendly people and not just the ones who look like they were assigned a post because we are genuine around here. During the services we worship with singing, prayer and a message that is heavy on the use of scripture. We want everyone who joins us to experience Jesus, not just someone sharing some inspirational thoughts or a great show. This doesn't mean we don't have fun...we bring the fun. Especially for the kids! We value all ages experiencing Jesus so we provide kids life on Sundays and student life during the week in order to facilitate age targeted discipleship for every generation.  We keep it uncomplicated so that you can be a normal person with a life that begins resembling the ways of Jesus within the community.  We know the most powerful impact we can equip you to make is to be present with the community being a light and sharing the love of God to all who have yet to encounter it. This is our mission.


Your generosity helps people where it hurts both locally and globally through initiatives with hunger, education, foster care, relief, justice for the oppressed and by taking the gospel to unreached demographics.

Meet the staff.

Thad & Dana Huff

Founder & Lead Pastor /
Kids Life Director
Thad & Dana Huff are the founding pastors of Open Life. They have a passion for people and love for the community. They started OL in 2010 after 13 years in youth ministry.  Dana serves as our Kids Ministry Lead.

Jadon Haynes

Executive Pastor
Jadon & Dani Haynes have been at Open Life since the first year.  Jadon pretty much gets everything done around here in addition to being on the communication team & overseeing the worship teams. 

Stephanie French

Associate Pastor
Stephanie & John French are the newest of the staff, but Stephanie brings years of experience and wisdom. With a passion for connecting people and a heart for the world she will help you connect to God and each other.  

Jon Parker

Student Life Pastor
Jon & Jessica have been working with the youth for over 7 years now. Jon has a passion for serving and coffee and brings both to the table often. 

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