The Truth About Lies

Oct 29, 2023    Thad Huff

There is a powerful promise of peace for your life through faith, but this peace has a very real saboteur. For millennia, followers of Jesus have spoken of the “three enemies of the soul” - the world, the flesh, and the devil. But all three have dropped out of the conversation in the modern, western culture as well as the church. So often we struggle to experience the full life God has for us and our world. There’s a sense of opposition and pushback, from within and without. What if we take the time to walk through a series focused on uncovering the tactics and lies of the enemies of our soul, together unlocking a new sense of victory, freedom, and growth in our lives. This is that series, inspired by the book “Live No Lies” by John Mark Comer.

Open Life Church gathers together each Sunday in person at the Bonney Lake High School Performing Arts Center at 10 am, but this pre-recorded message is for those who aren't able to be with us in person.

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