Welcome Dinners/Membership at Open Life

Welcome Dinners, Membership and Growth Track at Open Life

At Open Life we understand the value God places on the church body as a family and a united group of people pursuing a common mission for Him.  Our approach to share the heart and DNA of Open Life is currently through a combination of a Welcome Dinner where we share our Mission, Culture and Practices as well as Core Beliefs and then a progression of what we call Growth Track sessions.  We will cover all of the details about our church that you and your family should need in order to discern if this is the church family you truly belong in and if you hold similar beliefs and maybe even lear something new together.
The Format
We will be around round tables enjoying a meal together at first. Even the kids will join us for the meal and then we will jump into the content together. We will have a few times of sharing with each other at our tables during the time there as well as a full on 10 minute breather as we will be covering a ton of material and our brains just might explode without said break.

One of the best things about the dinner is really just getting to know one another. Our staff will be there and you will have a chance to hear from them and for us to share together how we came to Open Life and some of our backgrounds and experiences which will help us truly feel like we are more connected in a deeper way.

Growth Track

We have made the Growth Track sessions available digitally for the past few Welcome Dinners, but the drop off of follow through has been high. So, for our April 30th Welcome Dinner we will be following up this with two Growth Track sessions on May 7th and May 21st from 4pm to 5:15pm in order to walk through the three practices of a person with a growing relationship with Jesus (Connecting with God and each other, Serving God and each other and Sharing our lives with God and each other).  

During these you will take both an assessment for Spiritual Gifts as well as a DISC Personality assessment in order to help you find the place you would potentially be most fulfilled in serving God in His mission through the church and within the community.

When all is said and done, you will have the information you need to know where you fit within the mission of Open Life and if membership is something you desire to lean into or not at this time.  And we will be there to help you through the journey from beginning to the end. 

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