Fall at Open Life

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Fall is in full swing around Open Life and there are some important things happening behind the scenes we would love to share.

The Gathering Place Work

As we finalize some adjustments to our plans for The Gathering Place drawings and await permitting and construction of the adjustments and additions sometime next spring. We are beginning to work on the stage and office spaces.

When we did the initial demo we removed old very dirty carpet from these two spaces leaving glue exposed. This coming week our newest partner in the endeavor of restoring this space, Epic Hardwoods, will be doing a mastic removal to bring the wood floors in these two rooms down to the raw wood. This will make way for our building two walls on the stage.

The stage space is becoming our video recording studio (moving out of Jadon’s living room as they have their baby), so we will be building a wall to close in the stage from the main room and a wall to make the furnace a closet wall to reduce the noise of the furnace.

If you signed up to help with this be watching for an email as Brian Ludwig will lead a framing party soon. You can watch the progress in the background of our online service recordings. Sign Up Here if you are interested.

Staff Roles

PRODUCTION TEAM: With the successful launch of the Kids Space back into the commons, a vision we have pursued since 2020 to accommodate an amazing venue for our kids to learn about Jesus, some additional leadership has been necessary for the production team. The production team is what we call the set-up, tear-down, drivers, a-boards and security.  Vital roles each in their own right. Jon Parker has taken on the additional role to oversee this team of amazing people. If you serve on this team or are interested, Jon will be the one facilitating your schedule and communication. It’s a great time to jump in once a month on this team as we do have room for more hands involved in service.  Join the production team today HERE.

FAMILY LIFE PASTOR: One thing that every growing church needs within the Kids and Student Ministries is a smooth flow and intentional leadership development across all the ages. Stephanie French is going to step into the role  of Family Life Pastor in order to facilitate leadership development, systems oversight and additional pastoral presence to all these areas for families. This is really just adding a few hours to her current role in addition to a title as she has already been investing in all these spaces intentionally. So if you have kids or students and are a family at Open Life you will be seeing more from Stephanie in communications as well.

Staff Paternity Leave

As both Jadon and Jon have babies within the next few days (maybe hours at this point) and months we will experience a period of Paternity Leave for each. Some of the role additions above are helping us lead into these seasons. Each of us will be picking up some of the pieces that are regularly done by Jadon or in the new year Jon in order to keep the ministries of Open Life active and growing during the months they will be absent. We are so excited to add some babies to the team and appreciate your flexture as we navigate the unknowns with volunteers and staff taking on some things they don’t usually facilitate in the coming days and months.

We are excited for the season ahead and the growth we are experiencing at Open Life opening the doors for more of you to engage in significant ministry involvement in the days and months ahead with great leadership at the helm.


- Thad

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